Federico Fellini used to say: if you want to see an alive theatre you should walk along the neapolitans roads.. well.. he meant exactly the borough  where our flats are located.

Indeed the apartments are located in the heart of the historical center, at 200 metres from via Toledo the main road of city, Piazza del Gesu, Piazza Dante, less then 10 minutes walking from Piazza del Plebiscito, the most beautiful square of the city. The lofts are  few steps from all the main transport: 2 metro stations, the port to Capri, Ischia, 2 funiculare stations and the central train station for trains to Pompei, Ercolano and Paestum. A well-known area, due to the antique shops, the churches and the aristocratic palaces.

The historic center of Naples is the largest historic center in all of Europe, and includes testimonies from diverse styles and periods

The area is rich in amazing and cheap restaurants where you can taste the original neapolitan food, bars, wine bars, banks and markets. According The Guardian the area where the lofts are located there is the best Street Food of Europe.

All the flats are located inside the historic center

location il loft

location: il terno, la quaterna, la quintina 

All these sightseeings are walking distance from the apartments.

…. while these are easly to get